Our Range of Services

This helps employees with low level literacy and numeracy skills by offering a focussed programme to develop the basic and essential skills required >
This programme is focussed on up-skilling learners’ literacy and numeracy skills while including some unit standards assessment of business >
This programme allows employees to further develop their literacy and numeracy skills and also start to work on achieving some unit standards towards >
This programme encourages learners to develop practical administration and communication skills relevant to the workplace Gain a nationally >
This programme can be completed as a continuation from the Taste of Success or delivered as a standalone programme designed to be relevant to your >
Financial Literacy education delivers objective, generic information or guidance on money concepts and issues that might be met in a >
This programme has been developed to meet the needs of employees for whom English is their second language; specifically the skills of listening, >
Check out the training subjects and Course timetable This programme helps people to prepare to sit pre entry testing for a career in the NZ >
Here at Edvance we have developed unique Training Needs Analysis processes to ensure your training is targeted, with real tangible Return on >
As a Category One NZQA Provider we work with great resource designers to provide our learners with easy to understand training manuals and assessment >
The Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey of 2006 found that up to 40% of the New Zealand workforce faced basic literacy and numeracy skill issues. >
Come along to our Pre Entry preparation courses held over 17 weeks in Dunedin, Auckland or Tauranga. We help you to prepare to sit the NZ Police, >
Sign up to the Edvance online training course for Police, Armed Forces, Corrections or Fire Service pre-entry tests. When you do this, you gain >
At Edvance we can connect you with great tutors that give you that extra personal tutoring support to realise your dreams of joining the NZ Police, >