Meet the Team

In 2007 Peter Robieson had a dream to grow a business in adult literacy learning in the workplace.  Maybe he was Coastguarding at the time, you never know. Regardless, since that point Peter has surrounded himself with like-minded people that have grown Edvance to be an established Literacy and Numeracy Training Provider, with a great NZQA Category One Provider status.

Meet the team...

Peter Robieson


Peter is the man with the vision. He’s our Director who has his ear to the ground – representing Edvance at a national level, while talking to those ‘very important people’ in the literacy and numeracy field. Peter brings all this information back to us and from there we make sure we provide the best possible solutions for our learners and their companies.

Ruth O’Keefe


Ruth as a fellow Director combines a well-developed business nous with an ability to cut right to the best end solution. Ruth is also our ‘go to’ person for anything organic and good for us. Her passion for a healthy lifestyle is inspiring, and one as a company we support through our wellness initiatives.

Lynda Rewita

General Manager
07 571 3172 ext 202

As a long standing member of the Edvance team, Lynda has touched every role in the company. This shows her commitment and passion for the Edvance vision and mission “To work with individuals to advance workplace skills and personal learning goals.” She takes a personal interest in each programme Edvance is involved with, so you will often find her interacting personally with a company, attending a graduation, all the while planning the future of Edvance.

With over 40 years’ experience in teaching, Lynda has seen the benefits of foundation knowledge in numeracy, literacy and communication and how it can change people’s lives. This change often leads to many opportunities for learners to grow both within companies and in their personal lives. This gives purpose and meaning to the work that Edvance accomplishes through the programmes it provides many businesses. As a nationwide company, Edvance is able to work with a range of businesses from construction, manufacturing, commercial cleaning to taxi services.

A professional goal that Lynda was able to achieve in 2016 was leading Edvance into the next level as a PTE (Private Training Establishment) by gaining the status of a Category 1 provider. With highly confident and highly confident in both areas this equips Edvance with further opportunities to make a difference in hundreds of people’s lives all over New Zealand.

Tauranga Office

Tepaeru Nooroa (TP)

Financial Executive
07 571 3172 ext 203

With a history in Administration and Personal Assistant roles across New Zealand, TP joined the Edvance team in 2010. Bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience from her past careers she has grown within the Edvance team to her current role as Financial Executive.

As the Financial Executive at Edvance, TP is in her element working closely with payroll, accounts and office management. Her high standard of work ethic is paramount to her position contributing to the overall success of Edvance. With an eye for detail, TP is very efficient and has an ability to prioritise tasks to reliably get the job done.

In Edvance’s fast paced and ever growing business, she has thrived, working closely with staff nationwide, contractors, suppliers and fellow team members. Her strong communication skills have contributed to the Edvance work culture and creates an enjoyable office environment. Maintaining an inspiring work life balance, TP’s dedication to the Edvance team is respected by both her colleagues and her whanau.

Emma Tolson

Programme and QMS Administrator
07 571 3172 ext 201

Emma moved to New Zealand with her Kiwi husband in 2011, with over 20 years’ experience in varying roles from team leader to business manager mainly in the health sector. Emma’s strong administration, customer service skills, audit and process development along with her attention to detail and caring nature will ensure you get a good level of service and clear communication.

Emma’s key role is to support the Tauranga programme consultants to ensure the tutor and learners learning journey is smooth.

Emma has a few hobbies, sewing, cake decorating, dancing, but mainly enjoys a good meal and a movie with her husband and friends.

Ginny Taylor

Programme Consultant
07 571 3172 ext 207

Ginny has an extensive history in the Education sector working with all ages from Primary school students to Adult learners. She is one of the original members of the Edvance team and her experience and knowledge of the industry is highly valued. She has a remarkable ability to juggle several tasks without dropping the ball and is well known for meeting her deadlines.

In her role as Programme Consultant, Ginny enjoys the organisation side of programmes as it utilises a range of her skills. She is able to work closely with Edvance tutors, coaching and inspiring them to further their teaching skills and motivate their students to achieve outstanding results. She also enjoys furthering her own education by working with others, gleaning new and interesting skills, whilst keeping herself current by facilitating Leadership and Health and Safety courses.

While she is passionate about education, Ginny also enjoys her downtime keeping busy in the garden, working on patchwork and quilting and relaxing with a good book.

Vicky Gorman

QMS and ILN Executive
07 571 3172 ext 206 or 0800 773 368

Wanting a change from her accounting background in 2012 Vicky began employment in the Adult Education field.  Believing she has found her calling Vicky continues to grow in this arena and began working with Edvance in March 2016.

Vicky holds the National Certificate in Adult Education Level 5 and has a Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) from Waikato University, majoring in Marketing and Accounting.  She also has experience delivering, designing and assessing in the Adult Education field.

Vicky tackles most situations with an open-mind and relies heavily on humour to get her through the day.

Ana Craig

Business Development Consultant
07 571 3172 ext 204 or 021 516 098

Originally hailing from Croatia, Ana has over 30 years’ experience in Account and Event Management, Marketing, Recruitment, as well as Sales and Administration Management. Her industry experience spans over education, print and media advertising and professional services, to name but a few.  

 Ana describes herself as a passionate “adopted” New Zealander, with a high level of community conscience and a genuine desire to always give back.

She wholeheartedly supports the concept of life-long learning and assisting people to reach their ultimate career goals, as well as personal potential. Being a journalist, Ana also believes in the power of written and spoken word as a foundation of our everyday lives.

To find out more about how Edvance programmes can benefit you and your team, contact Ana now.

Wendy Stewart

Business Support
07 571 3172

Wendy was the foundation employee at Edvance when it began in 2005. She worked with Peter and Ruth to develop all aspects of the business so has a passion born of the pioneer days. In October 2009 she left for a few years to pursue other interests, before coming back into a Business Support role.

Wendy worked for over twenty years in the Education sector and then many years in the Business sector. When she met Peter and Ruth, the fusion of workplace learning was a natural next step. She still has a love of life-long learning and enjoys fostering it in others. When people grow their knowledge through workplace programmes, it gives Wendy much pleasure to watch them also progress in stature and self-esteem.

Alongside her enjoyment of people, Wendy loves the outdoors and to be close to nature. In her spare time she loves to paint in water colours and explore this country and the world with her husband.


Auckland Office

Amanda Roberts

Operations Manager
09 869 2227 ext 305

Amanda joined The Edvance team in August 2015 in a human resources and NZQA capacity. She has brought energy as well as experience to the office and she is well known for her initiative and willingness to help in any area she can. She has since relocated to lead the Auckland Office in May 2016 as Operations Manager.

In her role as Operations Manager she enjoys the constant stimulus and ongoing challenges it brings.  Sharing Edvance’s mission for continuous self-assessment she believes that “self-assessment is not something we do – it’s who we are!” It is through this systematic process, Amanda likes to be able to tell Edvance’s story, painting a picture of the progressive work that Edvance accomplishes and the goals that have been achieved.

With her background in hospitality, Amanda enjoys working with people and with her role in Human Resources she takes care of Edvance’s internal customers – the staff.  As a proud advocate for the company, Amanda embodies the strong and confident brand of Edvance.

June Holt

Education Manager
09 869 2227 ext 302

June Holt started her career in the adult education sector as a lecturer at the Manukau Institute of Technology, School of English. Moving on from here  she has been able to broaden her horizons by stepping into a Programme consultant role, customizing workplace programmes in learning and development. Her experience and qualifications testify to her genuine passion for education and helping others reach their full potential. June enjoys seeing the development in learners as they progress in Edvance programmes. She finds it rewarding to see learners gain new skills, confidence and even promotions in their workplace.

June’s role also involves being our Education Manager/Programme Consultant and she is able to work closely with stakeholders, learning more about different industries. She enjoys this aspect as she is continuously learning from others and adapting to new environments. Her organized and efficient work ethic contributes to the effectiveness of the Edvance Team.

Nick Miles

Business Development Consultant
09 869 2227 ext 304

Nick moved to New Zealand with his wife and three children in 1994 and has worked in the education field ever since.  Nick loves sharing his passion for running communication and literacy programmes in workplaces, having been to literally hundreds of graduations of programmes over the last nine years.  Nick says, “There is nothing more satisfying than seeing people grow in confidence and listening to them making speeches thanking their managers at graduation events.  It makes it all worthwhile.” 

In his spare time, Nick and his wife love to spend time tramping and visiting the numerous regional and national parks that make New Zealand such a wonderful place to live. And he does still support Crystal Palace Football Club back in South London, through thick or thin, usually thin!

Jason Totton

Programme and Sales Consultant
09 869 2227 ext 303

Jason joined Edvance after many years designing and delivering workplace training in New Zealand. He has extensive experience of assessing individual workplaces and finding solutions that provide results, adding value to organisations and training individuals. Working in multiple industries and workplaces enables him to continue learning and developing the training solutions that he designs, promotes and manages.

Adding local experience of tertiary education in New Zealand enables Jason to design training that meets multiple needs. These programmes are a breath of fresh air for many clients as they develop relationships and teamwork. Watching the development of tutors and trainees on these programmes gaining new skills and career opportunities gives him enormous satisfaction.

Jason likes to get out into the great outdoors as often as possible to walk and explore. He recognises how lucky he is to be close to great walks and scenery along with having the opportunity to work in a job that makes a real difference in people’s lives.

Lisa James

Programme Consultant
09 869 2227 ext 310

Lisa joined the Edvance team in March 2017, bringing a wealth of knowledge from over 12years in the Adult Education Sector. Her professional and supportive approach empowers her to pull everything together efficiently while maintaining a calm, approachable environment. These leadership qualities are vital in her role of organising programmes made up of a range of companies and learners.

Prior to this role she has tutored in foundation level, trades, ESOL, and workplace programmes as well as professional development for tutors.

In her current role as Programme Consultant she enjoys the diversity of industries and learners that Edvance works with. She also appreciates being part of a team that is able to provide opportunities for those in employment to upskill and gain confidence. She has seen the effect this has had for learners to move forward in the workplace and in their personal lives. Her community work in tennis has been a long-time passion as well as spending time with family and travelling.

Sidelle Svebakk

Programme Coordinator
09 869 2227 ext 306

Sidelle has always been involved in the education sector, whether studying toward a qualification or teaching adult learners. This gives her insight into the stresses and challenges of studying but also the benefits and personal satisfaction of ongoing education. With her experience in teaching adults she is able to relate to the many hats a tutor must put on; teacher, administrator, liaison, mentor, and many more. This shows her strong belief in the importance of continuously learning, no matter what age, but also the importance of a good educator.

With this strong passion for education she shares the vision of Edvance “to work with individuals to advance workplace skills and personal learning goals”. As a Programme Coordinator she is able to assist the Edvance team in creating a successful programme for the professional growth of companies and their employees.

Melanie Robinson

Office Administrator
09 869 2227 ext 301

Mel is the front line in the Auckland Edvance office. Having worked previously in a larger education provider as a Programme Administrator, Mel has brought her years of experience into the Edvance Team. Although the team is smaller, she is enjoying the close knit group and learning new systems and procedures. With her “hands on” kiwi attitude, Mel looks after the everyday office duties and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Working closely with the Programme Consultants she is relishing the challenges and variety of responsibilities in her role.

Mel appreciates the overall purpose of Edvance’s programmes and is happy to be a part of that process from beginning to end. She believes the more people we are able to upskill, the better. She is also enjoying being part of the positive growth of Edvance as a company. She sees this as an opportunity to further her own professional development and upskill her own abilities.

Mel is also a boating enthusiast, travelling around New Zealand and admiring the many sights it has to offer.

Rebekah Cummings

Office Administrator
09 869 2227 ext 307

Rebekah has taken on the fast paced role of Office Administrator at Edvance. She has developed a keen eye for detail over her 10 years of experience in a range of customer service positions, including online sales. She enjoys that her role is in the background but plays an essential part of supporting the staff and tutors and making the programmes run smoothly. At the conclusion of a workplace programme Rebekah enjoys seeing the smiles of learners as they graduate and celebrate individual success, personal growth and workplace satisfaction.

When she is not working hard in the office she enjoys being around the buzz of close family and friends.

Our Edvance Tutors

Our Edvance tutors work nationwide. They are a dedicated group of experienced tutors that bring specific learning to your workplace, meeting company training needs. Edvance tutors are selected based on their experience and knowledge and their wonderful ability for meeting the training needs, and fitting the culture of the Edvance companies we work with.