Celebrating success

Here's what our trainees have to say:

" I am enjoying the learning. A little spark goes off, and when I feel that, the learning has meaning for me"

William Bramley - Bay Engineering Supplies 2014

Tutors working with EastPack

Seeing the enthusiasm the participants now have for learning. I know they have been sharing their new skills and knowledge with others, both in and out of the workplace. They have also been changing their own attitudes and behaviour, which has brought about changes for the better in others around them. Most have developed ownership of their learning and now feel empowered to find ways to continue developing their skills in the future.

Tutors working with Pernod Ricard

“There are several aspects of the course that I am particularly proud of:

  • The final presentations showed great skill development and there was no ‘death by PowerPoint’! All participants showed fabulous confidence when speaking to the ‘stakeholder’ group.
  • Everyone completed the assessments by the deadline they were given.
  • The quality management projects were outstanding.”

“I was able to gain each learner’s trust and that the unit standard assessments were taught in accordance with all the requirements.”

“The positive response I received from my learners especially with regard to their appreciation of being enabled to use the computer confidently and creatively. The success level has been very rewarding; the learners far exceeded my expectation in developing their PowerPoint presentations. It has been an interesting two way learning curve and I have enjoyed having the opportunity to learn more about other cultures.”

“For me this was seeing the huge increase in confidence of the people I saw over the few weeks I had them, two in particular were very shy at our first session, they grew immensely in their personal development – and in their confidence. The two in question actually went into the sessions, a truly remarkable state as one had never used one before and the other felt embarrassed in front of his family because of his lack of knowledge in how to use one.”

SILC and Edvance - the learning journey partnership

Via the advanced leadership skills and the emerging leaders workplace training, SILC has given people the skills and initiative to solve problems, be good communicators and work more effectively. SILC tell us staff have loved the Edvance training.
“It’s really pertinent to their roles and they’re enjoying the material they’re working with. We’re getting some fantastic feedback and they enjoy the tutors too, so across the board it’s been brilliant.”

Mills Tui Rotorua and Edvance

Despite challenges attending the tutoring sessions, there are many positive changes; emails are more professional, the younger guys have opened up and there is more team spirit, the potential supervisor has stepped up and taken more responsibility, the manager is more able to step back now and work on the business not only in it.

Tutors working with Fulton Hogan

“I am really pleased with the assessment outcome for all learners but feel that the greatest success is the confidence the learners have gained and the motivation for further development. All learners have expressed a desire to aim for promotion and are keen to embark upon additional training.”

“My successes —there were successful OFI’s (opportunity for improvement) acknowledged by Fulton Hogan Head Office and there were many positive comments from Management. A change in attitude from the students, i.e. a willingness to learn! Fulton Hogan may also be implementing a form I produced as a training aid and to assist drain layers working on commercial sites.”

Tutors working with Post Haste

“For me it was seeing the success and increased confidence of my learners and the positive interaction between the learners and myself. Also seeing new skills, processes, tools and quality management knowledge they’d learnt being integrated into their daily workplace.”

No wonder Edvance’s learners consistently meet or exceed the Tertiary Education Commission’s (TEC) targets