Client Feedback

Leadership Course Makes Life Easier

When you have 20 staff members to oversee, good communication skills are vital.

Michelle Moir is a Service Manager at SILC and part of her role is to support staff as well as people with disabilities to live fulfilling lives.

This year she has undertaken Edvance’s ‘Skills for Leadership’ course which has helped improve her job satisfaction and performance.

“A lot of it for me has been about learning to communicate in better ways. It’s been really, really valuable. It’s definitely changed the way that I interact with people and has made my job easier.”

Michelle says she found the information about different personality types was particularly interesting, and feels she has improved her own listening, verbal and written communication skills as a result.

“Our tutors, Diana and Louise, have both been really nice. I would definitely recommend Edvance’s training programmes.”

Working Smarter, Not Harder

SwitchedOn’s General Manager, Richard Coad, knows the value of effective workplace training.

And his decision to partner with Edvance last year to upskill his workforce is one that’s paying off.

SwitchedOn is the training arm of Supported Individualised Lifestyle Choices (SILC Ltd) who employ 150 staff in the Bay of Plenty.

“SILC provides support for people who have physical and intellectual disabilities, to live in their homes and lead a quality life out in the community,” Richard explains.

“Their staff are really busy people and they often work independently. So if they encounter any difficulties or issues they need to be able to solve it on the spot.”

Edvance are running several training programmes with SILC, including advanced leadership skills, emerging leaders and workplace documentation.

 “It’s not about asking staff to work harder, it’s about asking them to work smarter and giving them the tools to do it,” Richard says.

“We want people to have the skills and initiative to solve problems, be good communicators and work more effectively. It doesn’t matter what job you do, if you improve in these areas you become a more skilled worker.”

Richards says staff have loved the Edvance training. “It’s really pertinent to their roles and they’re enjoying the material they’re working with. We’re getting some fantastic feedback and they enjoy the tutors too, so across the board it’s been brilliant.”